Spiritual intervention via film shown on eyelids.

I was showering today, and am admittedly a little preoccupied after an exhausting week. My focus is the problems as the good stuff I take for granted.  I go through the post mortem reaching the same conclusion. There is an unexplainable void between the actions of my eager impulsive self and the those I advise my friends and family to undertake. Why can't I stop, listen then act on that smart advice? What happens in between and how do I intervein to benefit from my own advice? Spiritual intervention via film shown on eyelids. My arms pressed against the wall of the shower and the water having long turned cold I close my eyes not knowing why. A scenario unfolds against my lids. It takes the form of an old black and white film the kind I love those that make you feel that the world was a better place ...
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I am looking for a little advice from the more settled among you. Maybe you sewed your oats in your early days and are now to be found nestling on a sofa with your life partner enjoying the monotony that befits a relationship of some years. I too want to experience being taken for granted knowing that the cons far out way the pros. The grinder makes me look fat. Moreover, the age restrictions leave me frustrated. At 45 I am kind off in the void. The cut off is usually 40. The years have passed quickly. It seems like yesterday I was sipping a red strip and dancing in my red lumberjack shirt opened to the waist, naturally, screaming my tits off (though I am a top) to Kylies ‘Step back in time’. I was and am a fussy arse. Have I been passed by or is the fact ...
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My name is Lee and I hate change.

As a 44-year-old gay man, I am saddened by the demise of our gay brotherhood. As a young gay guy growing up in Edinburgh in the 90's, I couldn’t have been more blessed. There wasn’t the perceived acceptance there is now but as a collective, we looked out for our own and the GBLT community was a unit. I remember older gay guys escorting us from one bar to another to make sure we were safe and could enjoy ourselves. I remember having as many lesbian friends as I did gay men as there was much less of a divide them within our community. That's sadly all lost now, we have diversified to the extent that we have lost focus. I have never been a fan of all male or female bars feeling that the inevitable result of such exclusion would drive a wedge into an increasingly divided minority. The ...
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Over 40 and relevant.

Being in your prime is subjective. Oscar Wilde penned it best saying “Youth is wasted on the young”. The striking truth of this goes unnoticed until you reach a certain maturity with which comes the ability to reflect. At 44 I am more confident, happier with my looks and more independent that I have ever been. I have lost my father, faced some serious problems with alcohol and had a partner of three years deceive me about his HIV status. Although challenging these experiences don´t define me. I´m better able to reflect, and this leaves me better placed than before going forward. As a 40 something single gay man, we fall into one of the following three categories. The bitter club. Some characteristics being, berating Grinder users whose profiles have an upper age limit for example 25 - 39. Retaliating by sending messages to said users for dismissing us for ...
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Sober in the Lions Den.

For me, a consequence of sharing my thoughts is that at the edit (often which is endless) they are still evolving. My perceptions as a sober person are new to me; though the experience may have been had many times many of them feel alien and leave me with feeling naive, awkward which clearly is something that alcohol masked. A few weeks ago I found myself in the beautiful town of Sitges in the North of Spain. As a 44-year-old gay man, you would think I would be in my element. It turns out that despite being the gayest place in the world for me, it was in many ways a lonely experience. Of course, a controlled few drinks can help make a good night a great one, and this is something alcoholism robs from me. I will never again be able to enjoy the upside of those few drinks ...
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